Wolfson College Online Gateway

The Wolfson College Online Gateway provides self-service access for Members of College and Common Room to various administrative systems.

To access this website you will need your "Oxford SSO" username and password. Members of Common Room in particular may not know these details, or they may not have been linked to a Wolfson Account (in which case an error will be displayed after sucessfully logging in). In both cases, please contact the College IT Team.

If you need to reset your password for Oxford SSO, follow the link below as if to login, then continue with links to "Reset your Single Sign-On password". Do not follow any other links like "Forgotton my password" as those won't work for Oxford SSO accounts.

Due to the use of the University's "Shibboleth" service to check your username and password, it will not be possible to log out of this service, and you must completely close your web browser when you are finished.

Login to the Wolfson College Online Gateway